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Gascho Motors 1953

A self-taught mechanic, Emmanuel Gascho left his fatherís farm near Baden in 1920 to work at Hambrecht Motors, a Maxwell dealership in downtown Kitchener.  The dealership was owned by Herb Hambrecht whose claim to fame was building his own one-cylinder car.  Emmanuel Gascho and Nels Shantz, another mechanic at Hambrechtís formed a garage partnership in 1923 at 16 Young Street, across from the Mayfair Hotel and directly behind what was then the Windsor Hotel.  
The business operated as The Brunswick Garage, and the building was owned by the Windsor Hotel proprietor.  It had no toilet.  Every time a health inspector pointed this out, the hotel owner would ply him with drinks and the problem was overlooked.
Durantís sold for $700 in 1926, when Kichenerís population was about 28,000.  At the time, there were no traffic lights or parking restrictions.  Durant made cars and trucks in Torontoís Leaside until 1933, when the company of Kenosha Wisconsin in 1934.  Nash Motor Company and Hudson Motor Company later merged to become American Motors.  Gascho Motors moved to 481 King Street East in 1947.  As time went on, the people at Gaschoís became great friends with another auto dealership, that being Stevens Motors, at 471 King Street East.

Construction of 481 King St. 1946.

Emmanuel Gascho 1953

One of Emmanuel Gaschoís other competitors directly across the street form many years was his old colleague, Nels Shantz who ran a Studebaker dealership.  He too became an excellent neighbour. Back in the Dirty Thirties, when the car was considered more of a luxury than a necessity, many local dealers went broke due to lack of business. 
Mr. Gascho had a strong survival instinct.  He went to farmers and sold cars on 90-day promissory notes.  

He also traded a car for meats and groceries.  Emmanuel had to overcome another type of sales resistance in the late 1920ís and early 1930ís. The farmers paid when they sold their cattle or pigs.  Banks did not finance cars in the 1930ís.  Many people had never driven cars.  After making a sale, he would have to teach his customers how to drive the vehicle he had just sold them. This section if town earned the name "Gasoline Alley".  Most car dealers in those days dispensed gasoline. Carl Gascho joined his father as an apprentice in 1943 and Roy Gascho started as a gasoline pump attendant in 1947.

Emmanuel Gascho and Ken Archer.

Emmanuel Gascho died in 1966 at the age of 74.  Both brothers became co-owners of Gascho Motors.  The Gaschoís attributed their success to personalized service, repeat customers, and teachings from their father on the basics of business, honesty and integrity.  Together they carried on the family business tradition. With the 1970ís, the Jeep product line was added and the company continued to grow and prosper.  The next years saw tremendous growth and rapid changes.  Cars became more complicated, competition was stiffer, the economy had ups and downs, and the Gascho family grew.  The next generation of Gaschoís became involved in the business in the late 1970's.

Ed Payne & Carl Gascho (Dave's Dad!)

The late 1980ís brought the Chrysler Corporation buy out of AMC, Jeep, Eagle and of course more growth.  This steady growth and increased business brought about the proposed new facility of Victoria Street North.

Ed Payne with Barbara & Howard Payne 1952

This would make the Stevenís and the Gaschoís neighbours again.  Just as all the planning was completed and construction was to start, there was more rapid change in the world of automotive and the global economy in general. Chrysler was planning to drop the Eagle nameplate and move the Jeep product line up into the full line Chrysler stores.  Since Chrysler had no guarantees for their stand alone Jeep dealers, Carl and Roy Gascho decided it was time to retire and of course not build the new facility. 
Chrysler and the Gascho family mutually agreed to terminate their long association over the coming months.  This left the next generation of Gaschoís with career decisions.  David Gascho saw this as an opportunity rather than a set back and rose to the occasion.

With determination and commitment to his familyís future, David arranged to buy the facilities at 481 and 505 King Street East back from the investors who had purchased these properties from Carl and Roy Gascho months earlier.  Hence, the course into the next millennium was set.  In the year 2006 Gascho Automotive Limited is still located at 481 King Street East, Kitchener. David Gascho and his staff carry on the Gascho family tradition of honesty and integrity setting the foundation to pass this business to yet another generation of Gaschoís and, if you can think as far, the next millennium.


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